• Natural Alum Deodorant 120g

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Natural potassium alum - effective, safe and 100% natural deodorant. It neutralizes the smell of sweat, reduces secretion and does not cause stains on clothes. It can also help with burns, cuts, acne and other skin ailments.

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  • Potassium alum (potassium alum)


"Originating in Syria, the alum mineral Alepia is 100% natural and works perfectly as a deodorant with many beneficial properties. It contains potassium and aluminum salts, which are naturally occurring in nature. It does not contain alcohol, perfumes, dyes, preservatives, ingredients of animal and vegetable origin. Extremely safe even for allergy sufferers who do not tolerate classic economic deodorants. Effective from the first application and its effect lasts for 24 hours.

It creates an invisible layer of mineral salts on the skin, which effectively neutralizes the unpleasant smell of sweat, reducing its secretion, without leaving stains on clothes.

Since alum crystal also has astringent properties, scarring is also recommended for:

  • sunburn,
  • cuts - instantly stops the blood,
  • after shaving, epilation - eliminates redness and often appearing red pustules,
  • after an insect bite - immediately relieves pain,
  • juvenile acne - dries pimples and has an antibacterial effect,
  • aphthous - accelerates healing.


Moisturize the mineral and proceed to the application (armpits, skin after shaving, feet... etc.).

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PRODUCENT - NAZWA I ADRES Alepia, 3, avenue des Erables - 94440 SANTENY , France
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