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Malu wax wrappers are natural cotton food packaging soaked in a mixture based on wax and pine resin with jojoba oil. Antibacterial, reusable and ideal for storing foods such as bread, vegetables, cheese or snacks.

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Wax wrappers by Malu are natural food packaging intended to replace cling film, aluminum or disposable plastic containers. It is a kind of cotton cloth soaked in a special beeswax-based mixture in which you can wrap food to store or transport it. They are 100% natural, reusable and have antibacterial properties that result in longer freshness of stored food. Wax wrappers are ideal for storing bread, sandwiches, vegetables, fruits, cheeses, snacks, to cover a bowl or cup. It is not recommended to use them for raw meat. Simply apply it to a dish or object, press it with your hands and wait a few seconds. Under the influence of the warmth of the hands and pressure, it will take the shape of an object and stick together, wrapping the selected item. Dimensions: 25x26 cm


GOTS certified organic cotton, purified beeswax, pine resin, jojoba oil.

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